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How to like your job

Do you dread going back to work after the weekend? Do you find it hard to get up in the morning? Your job needn't be doing this to you; by making some small changes in your personal and professional life you can greatly improve your attitude to work and even increase your chance of getting a promotion.

Start the day on the right note

A bad start to the day can affect your mood for hours, so make sure you start the day on the right note.

  • Make sure you get enough sleep so you wake up feeling refreshed.
  • Have a healthy breakfast (porridge, seeds, eggs, etc.) to replenish your energy levels.
  • Give yourself enough time to have a shower and brush your teeth.
  • Arrive into work early so you don't need to worry about getting disciplined for being late.
  • If possible, go to the gym before work. You will feel great about yourself and there will be plenty of endorphins floating around your body keeping you in a good mood for hours! Also, no matter what happens during your day, at least you've been to the gym and have done something positive.

Have a nice work environment

Having a nice work environment will make a huge difference to your happiness. You spend most of your life at your job, so what not make the most of it?

  • Make friends in work so you can have a bit of fun during the day, and have someone to talk to if you need to vent!
  • Try to form a relationship with the people you don't get along with. This will probably be difficult, and will take some time, but getting rid of any \"enemies\" in your office will make you so much happier in your job.
  • Get to know the management team so you can remove any \"them and us\" feelings. Not only will this make you more relaxed in your job, but it will increase your chances of getting a promotion or moving department.
  • Wear nice clothes to work so you feel good about yourself during the day.
  • Put some plants, playthings and photos of loved ones on your desk, so you have something nice to look at when you're not staring at your computer.

Avoid the moaners, avoid moaning

A bit of moaning every now and then is normal, but if you are moaning on a daily basis, or are the come to person for the office moaner, you are just going to develop a bad attitude towards your job. Regular moaning benefits no one.

Stop the cycle of dossing

The happiest people in work are those who work the hardest. Dossing makes you feel bad about your job, which makes you lose motivation, which makes you doss even more! Put in the effort to do a good days work and you will feel better about yourself and your job, as well as improve your chances of getting a promotion.

Save some of your salary

It is important you feel you are doing more than simply working to survive, so start saving some of your salary each month so you feel you are making financial progress.

Learn to switch off

You need to be able to switch off from work when you leave your office. Take up a sport, spend time with friends, or do whatever makes you happy so you can relax and enjoy life. Bringing your work into your home life will just burn you out.


Try not to drink alcohol on a work night. It is a known depressant which is guaranteed to affect your mood and motivation, and of course increases the chances of you coming into work late or doing a bad days work.

And finally...

If you have tried the above and you still hate your job, take a few days off to clear your head and to re-evaluate your situation. Maybe you are simply in the wrong job or on the wrong career path, or maybe you are suffering from depression. Try to keep perspective on life and remember your physical and mental health should always come first.

We will update this article from time to time, so please check back periodically.